A potential immigrant applicant seeking an EB-5 investor visa has certain advantages by applying through a regional center such as American YiYo Regional Center.
  • YiYo pools several EB5 applicants together in a single project, ensuring that the amount of capital necessary to be financially stable is achieved. This creates less risk than an individual investing alone in a project.
  • The Regional Center keeps in contact with the immigrant applicant during the life of the project. All EB5 applicants receive periodic reports regarding their project and the status of the business. Job creation data compiled by the Regional Center, economic conditions, and other relevant information is included in our quarterly report.
  • Since the EB-5 investor visa requires that an immigrant applicant satisfy the program’s job creation requirements, it is important that every job created both directly and indirectly by the project is accounted for. YiYo calculates indirect job creation efforts through our access to employment modeling systems.

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